Teixits Riera (Riera Fabrics) is a family-based artisanal textile workshop founded in 1896 and dedicated to the design, creation, distribution and selling of the authentic Mallorcan fabric known on the island as the “cloth of tongues”.

All our fabrics are manufactured following time-honoured processes, using the know-how passed down through successive generations of our family. Naturally, the result is a highly individual artisan product.

But our work goes well beyond producing the cloth: we have a responsibility to preserve and promote a key element in the artisanal heritage of Mallorca, something which has been recognized in the protected status (Empresa Artesana Protegida) conferred on us by the Ministry of Industry and Energy.


Over a hundred years ago at a tiny workshop in the village of Biniamar, Gabriel Riera set up a few hand looms. He was the first of a long line of weavers who have, over four generations, woven this evolving tradition into the roots of our family.
The workshop remained in Biniamar until around 1940, when it moved to the next village, Lloseta, at 50 Carrer Major. Since that time, this fine old building has housed both our factory and our shop. Over the years, we have moved with the times, so that the place itself has become the ideal context in which to appreciate the cloth we produce, which, after all, represents an emblematic part of our island´s tradition.

Gabriel Riera’s son, Gabriel Riera Martorell, then his son Gabriel Riera Ferragut, went on to continue the family tradition. Since 1996, our craft has been in the capable hands of the current generation, represented by Gabriel Riera Crespí, which perpetuates the name of Riera as one of the cornerstones of Mallorcan artisanal endeavour.

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