Flàmules: “Cloths of tongues” in Majorca

(Exhibition at the Casal Solleric, organized by the Balearic Government and Enterprise Europe Network, with the collaboration of the Casal Solleric and the Palma Town Council. November 2009- January 2010.)

The Flàmules project, assisted by the Council of Commerce, Industry and Energy of the Balearic Government, consisted of an exhibition on the history and evolution of the “cloth of tongues” in Mallorca. Through a montage of both carefully-conserved antique fabrics and contemporary examples from local workshops still making them, among these, Teixits Riera, this exhibition examined the origins and fabrication of these types of ikats, especially their manufacture in Mallorca, where they became known as “cloths of tongues”.

Of particular importance was the pioneering initiative which came from those responsible for the project: the commission of a new “cloth of tongues” design by the artist Miquel Barceló. His concept led to a fascinating process of experimentation between artist and artisan, in which Barceló created his own design which the workshops translated into fabric.

Photographs of the making of the fabric designed by Miquel Barceló in Teixits Riera:

More photographs of the exhibition (Blog Alta Mar)



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Diario de Mallorca, 19/11/2009

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Catalog of the exhibition, for sale on the website of the IDI.