Majorcan ikat in the loom

The artisan preparing the fibres

Traditional Mallorcan "cloth of tongues"

Mallorcan ikat cushions

Mallorcan fabrics are our version of the oriental ikats. Their own particular patterns, made in the traditional way of old by families dedicated to the art of weaving, has made these fabrics into something emblematic of our island. Tradition and artisanship come together in one unique product.

1A trade through the ages

The weaver’s trade is one of great historical importance on the island. When the first machinery for manufacturing ikats arrived in Mallorca, the local fabric industry brought in variations on the theme, which were handed down from father to son, both of whom shared the same trade. Generation after generation has preserved the essence of this skill, and kept it alive.

2The character of a single island

Surrounded by the Mediterranean, which exercises so forceful an influence on the lives of its people – farmers, fishermen, hunters – the “cloth of tongues”, as it is known here, has formed part of Mallorcan society at every level: from its role as the clothing of agricultural workers to its use as wall hangings for manorial houses.

3The discreet charm of imperfection

Our manufacturing process is artisanal, which preserves the natural character of the fabric. The combination of machinery and hand-made techniques imposes a working method which results in the particular appearance of the finished product. And so what results is a fabric which is, quite simply unique; emblematic if you will, with its own character and with innumerable uses.

Our designs

Our collection of Mallorcan fabrics

We have retained in our catalogue those patterns which our predecessors devised but at the same time, of course, we have brought in new colours, designs, and patterns to reflect the Mediterranean style which both defines and inspires us.

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The ikat in Mallorca

The ikat in Mallorca

The thousand-year-old technique of ikat came to Mallorca in the eighteenth century where the fabric became known as the “cloth of tongues”. Learn about how the ikat  became one of the central cultural icons of the island.

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Mediterranean lifestyle

Mediterranean lifestyle

Good conversation, home cooking, a leisurely walk … the Mediterranean way of life whether in terms of décor or in the way we understand the whole business of life, has but one secret: simplicity. Our products are made in the image of the Mediterranean way of life which we practise and which we can wholly recommend!

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