Majorcan fabrics (Ikats)

Also known as the “cloth of tongues”, because of the blurred edges of a pattern in the form of tongues of flame, achieved by the artisanal process of its manufacture. We offer a wide variety of patterns and colours: from classic and timeless “arrow” or “chevron” tongues in the traditional colours of the island (blues, greens and reds) to more diverse variants including narrow or wider stripes. These are designs which take their inspiration from the landscape of Mallorca and the Mediterranean and which preserve a part of our history and character.

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Striped fabrics

Stripes form part of our fabrics in many types of repeats, shapes, colours and patterns. Inspired by the spectacular landscapes which surround us, we offer striped patterns which evoke, on the one hand, the rustic life, through to the chic, the classic and the seafaring.

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Marbled fabrics

Our marbled fabrics offer an interesting option for those looking for a little more texture than is found in a plain-coloured fabric. The threads are partially dyed and cross each other, creating a texture which recalls tongues of flame, hence popularly known here as “flamejats”. They are available in a large variety of colours to co-ordinate with plain-coloured fabrics or in patterns which ring truer to the Mallorcan and striped fabric styles.

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Plain-coloured fabrics

Our plain fabrics are available in more than 15 colours, a variety you will also find in our patterned fabrics. This makes for easy co-ordination among the colours, to create any type of decorative effect. The care with which the threads have been dyed will keep the colours of this fabric vibrant for many years.

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